LLVM 4 and iOS6

So iOS 6 has been around for quiet some time now and so has the LLVM 4 compiler. Along with this Apple has made some subtle changes to ObjectiveC. They may seem trivial but trust me, they’re going to save a lot of time. Apple has made changes to the way we create and use an NSArray, NSDictionary and NSNumbers. …

Mohit AthwaniLLVM 4 and iOS6
Canny Edge Detection

Face Detection and Recognition for iOS with OpenCV

I had to write a thesis in my last year of engineering, and the aim was to build a facial detection and recognition system which would do the computation on the device itself instead of on a remote server. In other terms, quiet opposite to the way works/worked (I don’t know what’s going on with them ever since they …

Mohit AthwaniFace Detection and Recognition for iOS with OpenCV