LLVM 4 and iOS6

So iOS 6 has been around for quiet some time now and so has the LLVM 4 compiler. Along with this Apple has made some subtle changes to ObjectiveC. They may seem trivial but trust me, they’re going to save a lot of time. Apple has made changes to the way we create and use an NSArray, NSDictionary and NSNumbers. …

Mohit AthwaniLLVM 4 and iOS6

Why you should code and be a programmer?

Why should you code and be a programmer, you ask ?? Well to put it simply in Steve Jobs’s words, “it teaches you how to think”. I’m a strong supporter of the notion that programming should be introduced as an elementary subject in schools so that the new generation kids are more problem solving and develop ways to think out …

Mohit AthwaniWhy you should code and be a programmer?