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Mobile Application Development 101

Recently I was invited over by “anibrain School of Media Design” to conduct a seminar on Mobile application and development for their students who are learning 2D and 3D VFX. The crowd was very interested to learn the various opportunities that programming and mobile app development can open up for them and asked some amazing questions like how does an …

Mohit AthwaniMobile Application Development 101

Losing weight with a wallpaper !

YES ! You heard that right ! Now you can start losing weight with a wallpaper either on your desktop or iPhone. You see, the process of losing weight is more psychological than physical. It’s all a mind game. I just recently started learning vector designing with Pixelmator, so as one of my first projects, I came up with an …

Mohit AthwaniLosing weight with a wallpaper !
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UIScrollView AddSubviews

Just the other day I found my self working on a project that involved a UIScrollView with horizontal paging enabled (exactly similar to the iOS home screen). As part of this project, I had to add several independent views to the scrollview at their corresponding offset and realised that I cannot add all of the UIViews I have in one …

Mohit AthwaniUIScrollView AddSubviews
Canny Edge Detection

Face Detection and Recognition for iOS with OpenCV

I had to write a thesis in my last year of engineering, and the aim was to build a facial detection and recognition system which would do the computation on the device itself instead of on a remote server. In other terms, quiet opposite to the way works/worked (I don’t know what’s going on with them ever since they …

Mohit AthwaniFace Detection and Recognition for iOS with OpenCV