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I started computer programming in Java at the age of 13 when in 8th grade my school introduced Computer Science in its curriculum. I took to programming as a toddler takes to bed time stories of mystery and wonder and fantasy. How the code worked irked my curiosity! That’s when I knew what I wanted my career to be.

You don’t even know anything about computers. Why would I buy you such an expensive laptop? – Dad

When it was time to start engineering, it was also time to buy a laptop! Of course if I’m buying one, it’s got to be a MacBook. And again, mom to the rescue when dad said, “You don’t even know anything about computers. Why would I buy you such an expensive laptop?”

Here’s my dad featured in a BuzzFeed India video:

In 2008, just when I was starting college, Apple announced the iOS SDK. I didn’t pay much attention to it then but come 2010 things were about to change for me. A dorm buddy and I got together and we launched Geeks Incorporated

iOS SDK Logo. Image subject to copyright by original owner.

We did some really cool things with Geeks Incorporated. We built iMetro Dubai, an app for commuters of the Dubai Metro. iRajanee, an app based on Rajanikanth, the Chuck Norris of India which eventually got us the number one spot on the App Store. 

Between 2010 and now (2019) at the time of writing, I did many different gigs. Worked for a multi national insurance company as an iOS developer, got in to training students and corporates in iOS and even served as a CTO for Hungry Table, a start up similar to Open Table in India.

Today, I work at ASML, a market leader in producing lithography lasers. After almost 8 years of working with iOS, I decided to to get in to pure C++ development to broaden my skills. The idea for this blog is to write about computer science, iOS development, solving algorithms and data structure problems and everything else I experience along the way.